New products scare me, I have sensitive skin. These products we’re so gentle and soothing. They over delivered and I no longer have rough, dry skin.

Rosemary C.

I was worried that I wasn’t going to like these products however I literally can’t live without them. I work in the medical field and I travel with the body butter daily. My skin is instantly soft ,smooth and protected.

Rhonda B.

I was skeptical because of the prices. However my skin is looking a lot better and more even toned.I am glad that I ordered. They are worth every DIME.

Pat C.

My skin was so dry and uneven because I don’t normally moisturize my skin.The Rinuyu line of skincare went over and beyond and completely transformed my skin. My legs look so much smoother and younger. They’re also soft to the touch.

Jean L.

I was concerned that these products weren’t going to work for my skin however they weren’t greasy at all. My rough hands are now silky soft.

Megan S.

The cost of the products is what I was most thinking about. However the body butter and face mask serum is more that worth it. These two products transformed my skin . It’s so much smoother and my fine lines have diminished. They over exceeded my expectations.

Helen G.

I was suffering with dry skin and dark marks. I can say that my skin is a lot more even toned and feels soft like a baby.

Hillary H.

I’m not a fan of trying new things. I’m glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone because my skin has never looked and felt better. I only have to apply it once per day and I’m glowing all over. Thank you Rinuyu Skincare.

Sarah T.

I hate to say it,my skin was so ashy, however the body butter instantly made it soft as a baby. I can’t live without it.

Ilene S.

No matter what skincare products I invested in, I never got this kind of result. My skin is so soft and smooth. These products arereally healing my eczema, even more than the medicated products.

Ester D.

I’m not a woman that follows a skincare routine so my skin was in bad shape before buying the Rinuyu Skincare Line. These products immediately soothed my dry skin and I now havemore of an even toned complextion. It looks like I’m lit from within . Truly quality products .

Ann A.

I keep coming back for the results. My skin looks more youthful. Rinuyu has the best skincare on the market. I don’t wear any makeup thanks to Rinuyu.

Betty C.

I started using Rinuyu’s mask serum andnow my skin is even toned and people tell me every day that my skin is glowing. I buy several mask serums at a time. I might be the reason why it sells out. These are my favorite skincare products For one reason, they work and fast. Which skincare productsfades dark marks in less than two weeks and makes your face look younger overnight ? Rinuyu is the only one I know that does that.

Yvette C.

I work in the medical field and we wash our hands a lot, because of this, my hands get really dry.That’s why I chose to invest in Rinuyu’s brand of moisture Repair Skincare. This quality moisturizer works. My hands instantly transform from white and dry,to smooth and soft. I also can’t get enough of the scent.

Benn C.

I’m a Licensed Esthetician and get products sent to me a lot. Some disappoint because they have in filler ingredients like mineral oil. I was impressed by Rinuyu’s list of quality,all natural ingredients first .However what made me know that these products were of great quality were the results I got.My skin was dry at the time the body butter arrived and without my skin being damp, It just glided on and absorbed into my skin. I loved the light , uplifted scent and how smooth and soft my legs looked. This product is a winner.

Amely C.

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Buying anything off of the internet is a hit and Miss. Rinuyu Skincare was a big hit. My children have eczema and because of Rinuyu Skincare, I’m winning as a mom. They no longer scratch their skin and the body butter has healed up my sons eczema.Theycall it their ice cream. Thank you Rinuyu Skincare

Cori O.

I can’t believe that her products smell so good and that my skin is so smooth and buttery. The attention to detail and how I could pronounce all of the ingredients made me feel comfortable with this brand.